7 Tips for Getting Higher Scores in Scramble with Friends

If you are playing Scramble with Friends, get ready to engage in the battle of a lifetime. While it may look like a calm word game on the surface, Scramble with Friends can turn really intense with time, often leading up to a situation where your mind is as exhausted as your vocabulary.

However, you don’t really have to reach that stage of intensity. You can easily win the game much before that and completely overshadow your opponents too. Here are some tips that will help you in getting higher scores than your friends.

1. Focus On Smaller Words

Of course, it feels good to come up with a long word. However, if you are smart, you will know how to win with shorter words. Maintain an enviable vocabulary of 2, 3 and 4 letter words which you can find quickly in the game.

This saves you time and you can score highly as well. If you find 3 shorter words in the time your opponent finds 1 word, you are already winning this game.

Note that some short words could have the same ending but a different first letter. AT is a two-letter word but if you combine it with other letters, you get BAT, HAT, MAT, CAT, DATA, FAT, RAT, SAT, LATE, MATE, PAT etc. This is really simple to do as well. Just find a two-letter word, find the right prefix and you are ready to shine.

2. Use Power-ups

Use freeze and inspiration power-ups during the game to get an edge. You will get 2 powerups in the game, the second of which will cost you a coin. However, if you remain alert and vigilante, you will get your coin back and also get a power boost. Use freeze to get extra time and inspiration to find words you missed.

3. Always Keep Your Finger On The Board

When you are playing this game with friends, make sure that you don’t look for words on the board first. Find one or two consonants, place your finger on the board and then glide along as you find new letters to add to this word.

If you keep looking for words first and then slide your finger on the board to form the word, you will lose, unless you are Flash from Justice League. As nobody is as quick, it will be better to stay alert and keep your finger on the board at all times.

4. The Titles

When you move to round 2 of the game, focus on the double word tiles. In round 3, focus on the triple word tile. If you do so, you find it easier to make words. With a good vocabulary, you will be able to come up with words quickly and slide them along too.

It is always better to press and hold one tile than to move around the tiles, looking for words. Remember, you have to be quick while finding words. Time is of the essence in this game.

You will also be finding double letter tiles in round 2 and 3 of the game. Make sure that you use them adequately. The first thing, of course, is to identify these two-letter tiles quickly in the game as the corresponding words can easily be located thereafter.

5. These Two Letters Will Help You Score

Do you know which two letters will bring you the highest scores? P and M. Pick up the dictionary and scan through all the words that start with P and M. If any words contain both P and M, you should be especially interested in them.

A word like PROM, PROMISCUOUS, PROMINENT, MAPLE or PREMONITION can help you gain more points than your opponents in this game. Imagine if you could find MINDMAP in a game. Won’t it be fun to get score more points?

6. These Two Letters Will Make You A Scramble Hero

If you have played scramble regularly, you would have certainly come across two very obscure letters- J and X. The tiles with these letters are very conveniently ignored by all players. However, if you learn some words starting with J and X you will be able to make use of them when the time is right.

You could be tempted to look for easier words starting with A and S at the beginning of the game. However, as the going gets tough, you should get tougher. You should have many more words starting with obscure letters like X on your fingertips. When your opponent runs out of options, you will still have one word that will score you points and help you win.

If you want to increase your score even further, then ignore the two-letter words starting with these letters. Focus on 3 letters or more. This is because two-letter words are very easy to find. You need to quickly add a vowel to the letter and a word is ready, like XI.

Therefore, these words contain only 1 mark. Unless it is necessary, don’t waste your time in these words. If you can memorize 3 letter words, you will become a scramble champion, defeating your opponents with ease.

7. A Simple Trick With Long Words

Many long words can contain a multitude of short words as well. Take this example. The word is BROTHER.

If you have found this word in the grid, you should also slide on BROTH, HER, OTHER, ORB, ROB, ROT, and RETRO. You can look for other words that contain these letters. For example, ORB from BROTHER could also lead to ORBIT. Now, you can pick up BIT and make BITTER, BITE etc. This is the simplest way to come up with the word afterword when in this game.

If you don’t want to find small words and work with them, it will be better to find one long word and simply make word afterword from the available options.

These are some ways in which you will overcome every problem and every opponent while playing Scramble with Friends.

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