Tips to Improve Your Word Game or Scrabble Score

The moment we read the word SCRABBLE, there are endless memories that run in front of us and we can recall our childhood memories. The game used to be one of the most loved one when we used to sit together. Though it is not a big deal in understanding how to win these games there are tips and tricks that can surely help you out.

Scrabble is one of the best games to enhance your vocabulary and they also offer writing tips, which you should keep in mind before playing this game with your kids. This article makes an attempt to provide the most important tips and methods, so you can manage to score the maximum in this word game.

Tips to Improve Your Word Game Score

This will enhance your creativity and at the same point of time will boost the level of competence of your child to the greatest extent.

Add prefix or suffix

One of the most efficient ways you can use to increase the score in word games is to learn a great amount of prefix and suffix. DSP fix and suffix play a vital role in order to create a lengthy sentence.

At the same point, iif your competitor has already made the word, it will help you create a long word thereby enhancing the level of your marks to the greatest extent. This is one of the most creative way by the means of which you can do this.

You can easily make a new word by inserting a short prefix at the beginning of the word, such as a “anti,” or a suffix like a “ing” at the end of the word.

Read more

This is the thing that our teachers used to tell us so that we can improve our vocabulary. You need to make it a habit to read more and more books. Also it is a good habit to read newspaper aloud so that your mind recognizes the words that you are speaking and keeps them stored in the memory. This will help you in improving your vocabulary and you will be able to enjoy better games and good scores.

Make hot spots for your companions

Plot the game to go on to the hot points, known as bonus squares, on the board from the very beginning. You will put the results in three numbers using a well-executed three-word square.

Big is not good always

Bigger is not always better. You will score high for two-letter words. Aa, , ka, xi, xu and za are only a few examples of plain words that greatly increase your score by using them in one turn to generate more words. If you have learned two-letter words, deal on three-letter words.

Add plural forms

One of the easiest way, in order to earn much more than your competent, is to add S before every word or S after every word. This will create a plural version of the singular word and you will be able to get the maximum amount of scores from your competitor. This is ideally the best way to score the maximum and at the same point of time ensure that you win the game with flying colours.

Learn more words

To become at Scrabble games, you should keep learning new words. This is the best way to become the best. Practice on a daily basis, read anything as it will help you memorize more words without being hard on yourself. Also keep a comic or book with you, so whenever you are free, you will have something to read.


With that being said, it is really essential to take all these factors into consideration the very next time you play a game. This will also be helpful to ensure that you are able to win this game with high scores. If you have a few basic tactics in your game, you can increase your word game or scrabble score quickly. Each player has its own unique style, but most word game enthusiasts use certain simple rules to increase their score.


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